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Platform for Environmental Justice


The Law on Environment is a framework law that provides legal basis for protection and promotion of environment quality and safety, which are further elaborated with special laws and regulations.

Environmental Protection

The basic law regulating environmental protection through preservation of biological and landscape diversity and protection of natural heritage in and out of protected areas, as well as protection of natural rarities, is the Law on Environmental Protection.


The Law on Waters regulates water management as a public interest activity, primarily drinking water and water for food production, and also water for the needs of agriculture, industry, hydropower, parks and other public areas, tourism, sailing, etc.

Waste Management

The Law on Waste Management focuses on a general approach, i.e., waste management issues to be regulated with one inclusive law.

Ambient Air

The Law on Ambient Air Quality aims, among others, to ‘avoid, prevent and reduce harmful effects on human health and environment as a whole.’

Climate Changes

Climate change is a global problem caused by seasonal changes that require a comprehensive approach to policy planning and implementation.