Establishing the Platform for Environmental Justice

Establishing the Platform for Environmental Justice

On December 15th, at the premises of the Macedonian Academy of Sciences and Arts, as part of the project “Establishing efficient and effective environmental Justice”, was presented the establishment of the Platform for Environmental Justice

The event was opened by Academic Dr. Vlado Kambovski who through the philosophy of eco-centrism presented the universal value and importance of ecology, preservation, and improvement of the environment and noted that the Platform and the project aim to bring the concept of environmental justice closer to national institutions and the citizens of the Republic of North Macedonia Mr. Kambovski highlighted the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals 2030 as an example of where we should put our focus in the future. He noted that the right to a healthy environment, but also the obligation to preserve and promote it are fundamental values ​​of our Constitution, for which we still do not have a collective awareness for consistent implementation. Minimal progress in the legal framework for environmental protection has been noticed by the European Commission, where further activities and measures are expected that will contribute to the concrete implementation and realization of the legislation in practice. Therefore in the part of reviewing the existing legislation and supervising its implementation, Academic Kambovski stressed the importance of the establishment and functioning of this Platform.

The importance of joint responsibility, cooperation, and coordination was discussed by the British Ambassador in North Macedonia, H.M. Rachel Galloway. It was noted in the address that the support for the protection and promotion of resources and natural resources in North Macedonia is part of the United Kingdom’s main commitment to promoting the protection and preservation of the environment globally.

The Deputy Minister of Environment and Physical Planning, Ms. Hristina Odzaklieska also addressed the participants. She emphasized the Ministry’s’ support of this important platform and referred to part of the efforts of the MoEPP for continuous improvement and harmonization of the numerous laws that regulate the environment in the Republic. She also announced novelties and amendments to eight laws related to the environment, as well as the creation of legal conditions for declaring part of the territory of Shar Mountain a National Park. Ms. Odzaklieska explained that the MoEPP is constantly working on the adoption of bylaws that arise from all laws, therefore, they always encourage professional support. At the same time, the Deputy Minister of Environment and Physical Planning stressed that the Government of RNM for the period until 2024 is committed to following the new Strategy and Plan for renewal of the economic, social, and environmental component of the European Union in the fight against climate change and biodiversity loss through the implementation of the Green Deal and the Sustainable Development Goals set by the United Nations.

Mr. Zarko Hadzi-Zafirov from the Center for Legal Research and Analysis stated that the perception of the problematic application and execution of laws in the field of environment gave birth to the idea of ​​working on improving this field through a scientific-professional approach. It was emphasized that one of the main goals of the project and the Platform itself is to provide an intersectoral way of cooperation between all concerned and interested, professional and expert individuals, organizations, and institutions.

Mr. Nikola Jovanovski, Project Manager, shared the main expected results for the incoming period which are the establishment and operation of this joint Platform for Environmental Justice, conducting a gap analysis of the institutional and legal framework, developing alternative policies for effective oversight and implementing environmental policies and regulations and preparing an environmental policy roadmap to support policymakers in planning the best national measures and activities. He pointed out the proposed members of the Platform to which a Memorandum of cooperation has been sent and said that it is open for further involvement in its work.

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